Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of Flags

by Tim Marshall

After reading this book Tim Marshall has solidified himself as a go-to journalist and writer when wanting to learn and understand geopolitics. In this book he cleverly outlines the history behind our flags and the influence they hold over our ‘modern democracies’.

Rise Up

by Stormzy

The #MERKY story tells me that your dreams can be achieved if you carefully assemble the right team around you. Energy and enthusiasm is more important than experience – and we all know the ‘hood has plenty of that.

Homo Deus

by Yuval Noah Harari

Which way is mankind going? Where will we end up? Cyborgs? Dictatorships led by AI? Will we become immortal gods ourselves? With liberalism and humanism on the rise, the author conveys that society may no longer need morals, religion or laws. He brilliantly considers mankind’s next step in evolution.


by Yuval Noah Harari

This book changed my life, and if I could only recommend you read one book from this list – it’s this one. Mr Harari debunks some great myths with sound logic before moving on to demonstrate how destructive our species is. The author thinks we’re moving forwards. I believe we’re spiralling downwards.

After the Prophet

by Lesley Hazleton

The Sunni-Shia split, and it’s impact on the Middle East 1400 years later, intrigues me and the author did a fantastic job of delivering the facts without cultural or mythological bias. Lesley gives fair voice to both Sunnis and Shias throughout the book.

Born A Crime

by Trevor Noah

I will never listen to an audio book as good as this one again! Such an honest, detailed and vivid journey through growing up mixed-race in apartheid South Africa (yis!) blended with Trevor’s comical genius that comes so naturally to him. The last chapter, a truly emotional tribute to his superhero mum, reduced me to […]