by Akala

It’s incredible a how book that feels so familiar leaves me with more questions than answers. Akala’s story represents that of all children of diaspora living in the UK. He paints a very vivid picture of UK society in relation to race and class.

Prisoners of Geography

by Tim Marshall

It’s incredible how every border on this planet represents a political motivation. The world map is not a map per-se: it’s a chess board and the United States is winning.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

by Alex Haley

Malcolm’s journey of first finding himself through NOI, and then later rediscovering himself later represents one so many of us are familiar with. His story inspires me, and his recollection of his experience beyond America towards the end of the book fuels my hope for the future.

The New Rulers of The World

by John Pilger

If you thought the democratic nation you live within is truly sovereign, this book will make you think again.