Halal Joints

Category: Mobile Apps / Duration: Ongoing / Budget:

Hybrid, all-in-one Android and iOS app built using Ionic v4. The mobile app allows users to quickly and easily browse a catalog of Halal restaurants, making it simple to find somewhere to eat which adheres to the Islamic dietary requirements. Alpha v0.1.3 launched in September 2017, Beta v0.5.0 launched in January 2018.

  • Built using Ionic
  • Offline JSON database
  • Modular codebase and design
  • Custom Angular services to neatly handle errors and exceptions
  • Phonegap integration for GPS, Network and Authentication
  • Google Firebase, real-time database integration
  • Accompanying website to promote the app
  • Full branding, colour-scheme and design

Project includes full development of Android and iOS mobile application, and accompanying website.

Logic (People’s Army) 30 FREE

Category: Websites / Duration: 1 Week / Budget:

Website refresh for the release of the 30 FREE album by Logic.

  • Fully custom design
  • Mobile responsive elements
  • Social media, Search Engine and OpenGraph integration and optimisation


Category: Websites / Duration: Ongoing / Budget:

Easyfun is a small startup focusing on providing an online and easy-to-use platform for ordering Chinese take-away. The previous developer of this project left it unfinished prior to my role as the lead developer.

  • Overtaking existing build on Smarty PHP framework
  • Completing implementation of jQuery/Ajax shopping cart features
  • UI overhaul with the introduction of Bootstrap v3 and website branding
  • Low-budget development with a punch
  • Ongoing development and feature integrations
  • Ongoing front-end UX A/B testing and deployment
  • Ongoing development, maintenance and technical support


Category: Websites / Duration: 1 Month / Budget:

Afromunch is a new start-up initiative which focuses on delivering African foods and ingredients through an easy-to-use online interface. This project required a budget design of a front-end interface which worked seamlessly on desktop browsers, tablets and mobiles.

  • Full front-end design, build and branding
  • Static homepage, restaurants page, marketplace, search page, checkout page and login modal
  • Built on Bootstrap v3
  • Fully mobile responsive for up to 4 viewpoint sizes
  • Low-budget

Reconciliation Through Film

Category: Websites / Duration: 5 Weeks / Budget:

Reconciliation Through Film is a British based charity dedicated to exploring the use of visual media as part of community-led peace building initiatives. Led by Chris Langdon, I was asked to complete a partially-developed website based on the Wix platform.

  • Website strategy, design and build
  • Maximum utilisation of advanced Wix structures
  • Content strategy and placement for best UI
  • Website palette and styling

Makeup By Aina M

Category: Websites / Duration: 8 Weeks / Budget:

Aina McCallum is a certified makeup artist professionally trained at the Academy of Freelance Makeup AOFM in London Soho. She required a website to replace her existing Wix setup to take her freelancing to the next level.

  • Full website design, build and branding
  • Logo design
  • Built on Bootstrap v3
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • SEO ready