I am totally hooked! Up until I met Zahid, who is now my cherished personal IT expert (I do not use the word ‘cherish’ lightly)…I classed myself as a technophobe; I know the limited basics of what I need to know and once I feel comfortable with what little I know, I remain highly fearful and mistrustful of any other possible technical opportunities. Too overwhelming.

Since meeting Zahid, things have changed dramatically; I feel empowered. He has given me the opportunity to ask questions that I would have been too ashamed to ask, I felt he genuinely enjoyed working out how to get around giving me what I needed. I felt his happiness at seeing my pleasure at mastering things he had just taught me. He was open to having to explain things to me in different ways until I got it.

This may sound effusive, but I am a person of the heart, not of the hard-drive. The combination of Zahid’s expertise in IT and his authentic desire to help is priceless to me. I now feel like I have some one I can turn to however big or small my IT concerns and instead of hiding my ignorance in shame and hoping that it will go away, I feel excited to find out with help and support of Zahid. I only wish I’d gone to them for help sooner.

- Anonymous, North London

I have already recommended Zahid to a number of my friends. He made it all so easy when I asked him to help create my website.

- Anne Higgins, London

Zahid’s approach comes from a rare combination of expertise in his field and his heart. He loves what he does and has a strong desire to share his knowledge and meet expectations. I have already recommended him to colleagues who agree with me.

- Jo-Anne Nighy, London

He was brilliant, intelligent, personable and funny.

- Anonymous, London

We got on well. Zahid is very knowledgeable and took me through each of my IT issues step by step in an easy to understand way. He showed me a number of things that I didn’t know which are very useful.

- Anonymous, London